Cool CSS Minifier Online Tool

By | November 8, 2021

A free, online CSS Minifier tool is available to save time and create minify CSS code.



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What is a Free CSS Minifier?

A CSS minifier is a useful tool for simplifying CSS code, and sometimes compressing it. Removing all of the unnecessary characters will make the code quicker and easier to read. This will also make the CSS load faster. CSS minifiers are often written in JavaScript. However, you can find several tools that will minify CSS for you. These tools are usually online.

By using Free CSS Minifier you will reduce the amount of time you spend on http header compression on your website. This will increase the speed of your website on http request.

Sample CSS Code

.span10 {
    width: 600px

.span9 {
    width: 538px

.span8 {
    width: 476px

.span7 {
    width: 414px

.span6 {
    width: 352px

.span5 {
    width: 290px

.span4 {
    width: 228px

.span3 {
    width: 166px

Sample Output Code

.span10 {width: 600px }.span9 {width: 538px }.span8 {width: 476px }.span7 {width: 414px }.span6 {width: 352px }.span5 {width: 290px }.span4 {width: 228px }.span3 {width: 166px }