Free Link Analyzer Tool

This free link analysis tool will provide all info like NoFollow, Internal Links, External Links, and Total Links.

Analyzing the website’s internal and external links

It is very easy to use this free link analyzer tool. Just enter the URL of any website and click on “Submit”. You will see all details like the number of no follow, internal and external links, etc.

Finding out how many total links a website has

This free link analyzer tool will give you all details like nofollow, internal links, and external links. So, just enter the URL of any site and click on the “Submit” button. You will get all details like a number of total links, no follow, internal links, external links, and other details.

Identifying which links are nofollow

In order to find out whether a particular link is nofollowed or not, simply copy the URL of the website and paste it into the box provided above. If there is a cross icon on follow column of the page, then the link is nofollowed.

Discovering which links are internal

You can use this tool to discover which links are internal and which ones are external. Simply enter the URL of any site you wish to analyze and click “Submit”

Gathering information about external links

To find out how many external links there are on a website, simply enter the URL of the site into the box provided. If you would like to see more details about each individual link, then click on to the “Link Analyzer Tool” tab.

Link Analyzer Tool