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Sample JavaScript Code

// Demo code

                function StringStream(string) {
                  this.pos = 0;
                  this.string = string;

                StringStream.prototype = {
                  done: function() {return this.pos >= this.string.length;},
                  peek: function() {return this.string.charAt(this.pos);},
                  next: function() {
                    if (this.pos < this.string.length)
                      return this.string.charAt(this.pos++);
                  eat: function(match) {
                    var ch = this.string.charAt(this.pos);
                    if (typeof match == "string") var ok = ch == match;
                    else var ok = ch && match.test ? match.test(ch) : match(ch);
                    if (ok) {this.pos++; return ch;}

Sample Output Code

function StringStream(t){this.pos=0,this.string=t}StringStream.prototype={done:function(){return this.pos>=this.string.length},peek:function(){return this.string.charAt(this.pos)},next:function(){return this.pos<this.string.length?this.string.charAt(this.pos++):void 0},eat:function(t){var s=this.string.charAt(this.pos);if("string"==typeof t)var i=s==t;else var i=s&&t.test?t.test(s):t(s);return i?(this.pos++,s):void 0}};